strategy & EXECUTION


The Solar Industry has consistently demonstrated potential for significant growth over the years. Solar has always been an attractive technology for the production of electricity and a promising industry that could become a significant player in the world’s energy mix.

However, high installation costs, limited supply, the lack of government incentives and policies, along with bureaucratic red tape among others, have been reasons to hinder the market.

Solar costs are now at a level that permit solar projects to be developed without the need for government incentives, making solar a viable option for energy production almost all over the world.

Our sentiment is that the market for solar has the potential to grow exponentially. The demand for fully developed projects is expected to remain high, with more development capital to flow into the sector.


There are many risks involved with developing a solar project. The development cycle can be segregated into the license and permitting stage, the construction stage and the short/long term operation of the solar farm.

This is why there are different stakeholders, owners and developers involved at different levels of the value chain in order to share the risk and exit at different intervals of the timeline of the development of a solar project. The further down the value chain, the more the risks have been mitigated and minimized.


Competitive Advantage: Elumis’ large network of global industry relationships allows it to have insights into the latest developments in the ever-changing solar market. Real time access to market information give Elumis and its partners a competitive advantage, improving its services and strategic positioning. This coupled with our holistic approach, adds value to projects, setting the grounds for long term relationships with strategic allies and creating bonds that flourish through emerging business opportunities. Elumis uniquely combines financial asset management expertise with technical and engineering knowhow consequently mitigating all risks in the solar development process. Elumis is recognized as a highly versatile company that has a wide spectrum of notable competencies. These qualities have secured our success in various markets and under numerous roles whether from a technical or financial standpoint, as an owner’s or seller’s representative, as an advisor, an investor, owner and operator. Elumis has a proven track-record for developing and funding PV projects together with large global companies. Our extensive network, diversified competencies and dedicated staff of experienced professionals stand as Elumis’ competitive advantage and secure our venture for expansion in emerging solar markets.

Owns, operates, and has licensed and developed numerous PV projects
Uniquely combines financial and technical expertise
Strong track record of developing and funding PV projects together with large global companies
Dedicated staff of experienced professionals
Track record of structuring investments and executing attractive debt financing agreements
Multiple exit strategies
Large network of project developers gives access to the most attractive projects
Considerable experience, relationships and insights in the global PV industry
Large network of global industry relationships allows insights into the latest developments in the ever-changing PV market


Our business model is to develop solar assets from the ground up and capitalize on the demand for fully developed production licenses globally.

Elumis can achieve this through close collaboration with governments, authorities and officials in countries with a need to expand their energy production and/or minimize their carbon footprint.

Elumis’ extensive experience in permitting and development, in combination with its financial asset management expertise and technical and engineering knowhow, provide superior risk adjusted returns in such ventures.

Our focus will be to secure the land on which the solar parks will be built on, fully permit these parks and enter into PPAs for the sale of electricity produced, with credit worthy off-takers such as corporations, municipalities, utility companies or Governmental Agencies.


We plan on developing over 3,000 MWs of solar projects throughout various developing solar markets. We target international markets that are in their infancy of solar development. Elumis offers a combination of fees and a small equity stake in each project to their partnering local developers in order to incentivize them to develop and source projects with a high potential of realization.

Capital Raise

Elumis is seeking to raise $20,000,000 in exchange for an equity stake in order secure and close out Elumis’ existing pipeline. We will use the capital to bring the full pipeline to an NTP status and at the same time establish a versatile and experienced management team to successfully develop these projects, promote and manage growth and focus on expanding the current portfolio. We believe the raise will give us sufficient capital to maximize our potential and project pipeline within the next 3 years and thus maximize investor’s returns.