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Elumis is the progression of SDL Solar, an acclaimed boutique solar developer and consulting company, into an enterprise that is geared to create value from the entitlement phase of solar projects, to their construction, interconnection and operation. Elumis’ focus is to develop solar assets from the ground up and bring these projects to fruition with the use of its extensive solar experience, industry relationships, financial resources and marketability.

Elumis is a leading solar developer, with offices in southeast Europe, USA, Panama, and the Dominican Republic. Elumis has considerable experience, relationships and insights in the solar industry. The Company has partnered, developed, and worked with some of the largest companies and organizations within the solar industry, such as Toshiba, LDK, China Development Bank and SPI Solar Inc.

Elumis is also an authorized distributor and service partner of Sungrow® inverters. Sungrow® is a leading provider of utility scale power solutions for the renewable energy market having developed and deployed over 25 Gigawatts (“GW”) of installations globally.

In early 2014 Elumis made a strategic decision to expand its operations into newly emerging solar markets and capitalize on the opportunity of developing solar licenses in these markets.


Humanity must face climate change on many fronts. Numerous governments, organizations, companies and individuals are trying to decelerate and even reverse global warming. “Elumis envisions a world powered by renewable energy sources, where smart technologies and energy management systems improve our efficiency, assure our well-being and will lead the human race to new frontiers”. Our mission is “to promote solar energy and implement solar parks worldwide”. Our strategy is to become market makers through working directly with governments, utility companies and organizations to widely promote solar energy and develop large project pipelines in emerging solar markets.


The need for change in the energy industry is coupled by the need for change in business practices and social responsibility. That is why our values and code of ethics follow a "clean energy promoted by clean business practices" approach. Elumis’ business customs and processes must promote honesty, integrity, transparency and loyalty to our partners, investors and society, in the utmost professional and efficient manner.

We aim to be a socially and environmentally responsible organization, implementing green practices under our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy. Our CSR policy looks to make our staff feel loyal and proud of being part of the Elumis team, while we help bring about real changes to human lives and to society.

When entering developing countries and markets Elumis' penetration strategy is always coupled with a beneficial “give back” program to support countries and communities in need.